What is Ultra Tec

Ultra Tec is a specifically formulated fuel additive, designed to clean your vehicle's engine valves and combustion chamber by removing deposits. This means the deposit build-up in the combustion chamber is reduced, resulting in greater fuel and engine efficiency. Ultra Tec provides the ultimate in Fuel Economy and Performance so you drive longer for less and SAVES YOU MONEY!


Ultra Tec is added to all our fuel products so no matter what car you drive you can enjoy the benefits of better performance and fuel economy:


  1. Ultra Tec 90 - Premium Unleaded Gasoline
  2. Ultra Tec 87 - Unleaded Gasoline
  3. Ultra Tec ULSD - Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel
  4. Ultra Tec Diesel

Benefits of Ultra Tec Gasoline



Better Performance

  • Improves vehicles acceleration

  • Restores lost power for easier climbs

  • Eliminates hesitation, stalling and rough idling

Better Fuel Economy

  • More miles per tank

  • Saves Money

  • Keeps vehicles running like new

Cleaner air

  • Superior engine cleanliness

  • Reduces vehicle exhaust emissions

Ultra Tec is added to both premium unleaded 90 gasoline and unleaded 87 gasoline, and is available exclusively at RUBiS.

Benefits of Ultra Tec Diesel




Better Performance

  • Restores lost power

  • Reduces tank filling time by reduced foaming

  • Keeps combustion chamber clean

  • Removes deposits

Better Fuel Economy

  • More Miles per tank

  • Saves you money

  • Protects against deterioration of fuel quality

Cleaner Air

  • Reduces unburned fuel

  • Reduces exhaust emissions

  • Reduces or eliminates black smoke

Benefits of Ultra Tec ULSD





Better Performance

  • Keeps combustion chamber clean

  • Cleans injectors by removing deposits

  • Restores lost power

Better Fuel Economy

  • More miles per tank

  • Reduces unburned fuel

  • Reduces foam formation for faster refueling

  • Saves money

Cleaner Air

  • Reduces sulphur dioxide emissions

  • Reduces black smoke exhaust fumes

  • Significantly improves air quality

Longer Engine Life

  • Improves lubricity to protect delicate engine parts

  • Lowers maintenance costs through reduced wear and tear

  • Excellent engine corrosion protection

  • Improves water separation and prevents emulsion formulation


What is ULSD?

ULSD is the abbreviation for Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel. ULSD is a cleaner burning fuel that has been refined so that its sulphur content is lower than regular diesel fuel. Sulphur is a naturally occurring element that is found in crude oil from which diesel fuel and other petroleum products are derived.

Why is ULSD being introduced?

ULSD is being introduced as a result of increased environmental awareness worldwide. Vehicle manufacturers have developed advanced emission control systems for newer diesel engines that reduce harmful emissions. Sulphur reduction in diesel is essential to preserving the proper function of these vehicles and will result in lower emissions worldwide.

How is ULSD different from regular diesel?

Regular diesel had a maximum sulphur content of 5000 ppm (parts per million). ULSD has significantly lower sulphur content of 15 ppm, so low that it is called “Ultra Low”.

Will ULSD be the only diesel fuel available at Service Stations?

Yes, across Barbados, only ULSD will be available for diesel purchases.

What are the benefits of Ultra Tec ULSD?

Ultra Tec ULSD is specifically formulated to prevent build up and remove deposits on your engine’s fuel injectors, combustion chamber and valves. Deposit build up on fuel injectors have a direct impact on the combustion efficiency in a diesel vehicle. Ultra Tec ULSD is also formulated with demulsifiers to promote water separation and provide excellent corrosion control, preventing filter blockage. In short, consistent use of Ultra Tec ULSD will result in greater fuel and engine efficiency, which maximises the performance of your vehicle and saves you money.

Will I need to put an additive in my tank to enhance lubricity of Ultra Tec ULSD?

No. Ultra Tec ULSD contains excellent lubricity properties to protect fuel system components from wear. So there is no need to add any additional lubricity additive when using Ultra Tec ULSD.

Can my older diesel engine use Ultra Tec ULSD?

Yes. Any vehicle or equipment engine that uses diesel can use Ultra Tec ULSD. Its excellent lubricity properties and corrosion inhibitors will protect your engine.

How will the use of ULSD affect air quality?

ULSD enables the use of cleaner diesel engine technology resulting in improved air quality through the following: reduction in exhaust smoke; reduction in sulphur emissions; and less exhaust odour.

How can I Identify Ultra Tec ULSD at RUBIS Service Stations?

Look out for our new signage saying “ULTRA TEC ULSD Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel”.